You will find here all the information you need to go to Slovakia, to Nitra and to the congress venue.

Mapo de Slovakio

The location of Nitra in Slovakia (Wikimedia Commons)

In order to find timetables of every trains and long-distance buses in Slovakia, as well as between Slovakia and the neighbouring countries, use the excellent website It will give you precise information about connections and it is available in English (you can change the language at the bottom). If you have a student ID, please bring it and show it when you buy tickets: it will probably allow you to receive a discount.

By plane

The closest international airports to Nitra are in Bratislava (Letisko M. R. Štefánika, BTS) and Vienna (Flughafen Wien-Schwechat, VIE). Another possibility is the Budapest airport (Budapest Liszt Ferenc nemzetközi repülőtér, BUD).

From Vienna to Bratislava

Buses go from Vienna airport to Bratislava very frequently (every hour or more). The ride takes one hour. You can get off the bus at the Bratislava airport (“Bratislava,,letisko”) or at the bus station (“Bratislava,,AS MHD”). Pay attention to the route of your bus. You can buy tickets online or buy them directly from the driver.

If you are in the city itself, there are also frequent trains between the main station of Vienna (“Wien Hbf”) and the main station of Bratislava (“Bratislava hl. st.”). The ride takes one hour. Check the timetable on

Public transportation in Bratislava

A vending machine in Bratislava

A vending machine in Bratislava

In the Slovak capital, you can get around by public transportation (buses, trams, trolley buses). Buy your ticket before getting aboard and do not forget to validate it with the machines that are in every vehicle. You can buy them in kiosques, vending machines at bus stops or in the building beside the main train station.

  • From the airport to the main railway station or the other direction: number 61 (Letisko → Hlavná stanica), it takes 25 minutes (buy a 60 minute ticket).
  • From the bus station to the main railway station or the other direction: number 210 (Autobusová stanica → Hlavná stanica), it takes 10 minutes (buy a 15 minute ticket).

A 60 minute ticket allows you to change buses: if you want to go from the airport to the bus station, you have to change in the train station and you only need one ticket.

From Bratislava to Nitra

In Bratislava, go to Nitra by bus. (It is also possible to go by train, but only buses allow to go there directly.) Buses are frequent and the journey takes about 1 hour and 20 minutes. You can buy the ticket directly from the driver (it costs €4 or 5). There are also direct buses from the Bratislava airport to Nitra, but they are less frequent. Again, check the timetable on


Map of Nitra in relation to Bratislava, Vienna and Budapest

From Budapest to Nitra

There are several trains everyday from the East station in Budapest (Budapest-Keleti pályaudvar), always with a change in Nové Zámky. The journey takes approximately 3 hours.

In Nitra


The way from the train station to the congress venue

In Nitra, the bus and train stations are next to each other. From there, there are three possibilities:

  • Go by foot. It is possible to reach the congress venue in 20 minutes: see the map.
  • Go by bus. From the station, take the bus 19 to the fourth stop, “Univerzity” (“Universities”). Buy a ticket directly from the driver. A ride costs €0.80, or €0.50 for children, students and retiree. You can check the map, the timetable and the prices.
  • Take a taxi. Depending on the company, it will cost €3 at most. You can find taxis waiting at the station or directly order a taxi from one of the companies: Moje Taxi, City Taxi, One Taxi Nitra.